The Shocking Reason Millennials are Binging on Songs about Binging on Drugs
Holly Wood, PhD 🌹

Binging on songs about binging on drugs is looking for an escape as you have said, but it doesn’t work and the drugs are not the way to escape for long either.

You think you have discovered something new to write about?

How about thinking about how lucky you are to live in a society that gives idiots the option to write about binging on drugs rather than an imposed death sentence or mandatory life in some dank infested prison where you will rot along with anything related to you being thrown in for good measure.

Your generation, the generation that decided college should be a “safe space” and that life should cater to your needs and whims without requiring compensation was caused because somewhere along the path of being raised your expectations were catered to by parents who overindulged your wants over your needs.

Discernment — learn it now or learn it later, but you have got to learn it. And how to stand up on your own two feet when everyone else doesn’t give a toss.

These are the lessons that every generation has had to learn in order to make it through life with some dignity and self empowerment.

What in the world are you thinking mentioning crazy concepts like patriarchy when you are living in a time when the world is your oyster and served up cold for you. Never at any other time, has the modern world had so much opportunity and easy access to the better aspects of living been given to a generation of women and yet you complain?

There is an old saying that is generations behind you and handed down to women many years before yours and it says.. simply… “Grow a pair”.

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