The insidious racism of Mary Beard and the “diversity” operators
Nassim Nicholas Taleb

I couldn’t read the whole article but I skimmed it and read the comments. At first I was going to mention that I’ve met a number of recent university students who claim they have been taught that there is no such thing as “race”. What a load of unscientific and postmodernism bollocks.

I’m saying this as a proud olive skinned Semitic whose parents were Arab and Sicilian. I have thalassemia b minor. Look that up if you don’t know what it is and ask yourself why the black race gets sickle cell and Asians get thalassemia a if their ancestors lived in an area with a high threat of malaria.

The genetic differences between races are significant enough that certain diagnostic tests can not be used across the spectrum of all races and must be geared to account for these differences.

I and many others are fed up with this pseudo-social science of non-diversity nonsense creating and yes, destroying the proud heritage we embody through our differences. Together we form the Family of Man but there certainly are races that embody that family.

We need to go back to a time of sanity and science driven empirical evidence based rationality instead of this social science driven post modernism where anything goes except for facts and logic.