I’m Not a Feminist

I’m not a woman. I’m not a feminist. However, I don’t need to be either of these to sympathise with the struggle that women endure.

I’m just a guy with sense.

Other than The United States of America and some other Western nations, there are not many places in this world where women are given voices. In this technological age, it is as if a prison with sound proof walls, filled with women of all shades, has been discovered and the doors of the establishment have been bulldozed to release them.

With this new found voice I am discovering that MANY women are in fact imprisoned by the MANdates that society has placed upon them.

Chief mandate being: SHUTUP.

In shutting women up, we have a world that lacks guidance. I believe that women are unique in their ability to think plan properly. Men are great at executing plans, but if those plans are void of a woman’s intuition it can fall apart easily.

The value of a woman is something that men of today do not appreciate. We cheat, we are disloyal, yet we are hyper critical of women who respond in the same way. We beat them, we scare them. We threaten them and demand sex in the same sentence. We deny them in public spaces, we offer little and demand the most. We deceive and lure them in with money, like a child with candy. We look down on them, we ignore them.

We kill them.

Men have been in a position of leadership that women fear because of our tendency to abuse that power.

The sweet little ladies that we took for granted are growing into a legion of warriors who are building things and becoming more successful than us.

We have dropped the ball and they have picked it up.

For the men I referred to as “we”, YOU will suffer worse in this life or the next. And good men will rise up and put an end to your reign..

For the good men, do not lose heart or be discouraged. You will not be trusted and you will be put in one category, but you must continue to be true to who you are. Never change.

And for the ladies who are deserving of this, I apologize on behalf of all men and will make it a priority to give the women in my life what they deserve. I hope for you to have true freedom in this life.

Until next time..

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