“The woman you marry will influence, and maybe even determine your destiny" 
Those are some words that my mother spoke to me when I was younger.
Coming from a God fearing, faithful woman, these words impacted me. I really had to sit down for a minute a think about that.
It literally took only a minute for me to understand. Do I really want to end up with a women that could steer me in the wrong direction. I can easily do that by myself as a single guy…
If you watched Blow starring Johnny Depp, you know what happened when his wife (Penelope Cruz) got him busted. Or if you watched American Gangster, Frank Lucas' wife just haaad to buy him that fancy coat, which he hated, that got him busted too. I’m not saying you should be or be with a drug kingpin, because those guys had it coming anyway. However, don’t marry someone who will help you ruin your life. We men need women who will help us make the right decisions at the right times. Find a woman who seems to have a knack for making the right choices.
Let’s take a look at a hypothetical unsuccessful relationship from a young man’s perspective. You thought the girl was attractive, maybe she dressed in a way that aroused you, she had a cute voice, she was down to get busy with you (and I ain’t talking about studying). Then y’all started hanging out a lot, and feelings flared up...but when things got tough, the relationship fell apart. Why? When you build a house out of worthless material, you suffer the risk of the house being destroyed when a storm hits town.
We’ve all read the three little piggies...
Now, the question is, what we want to build with…hay, wood, or brick? Please, at least stay away from the hay…

I think we need to make sure we date people who make us better...someone who will help get us out of situations we’re not supposed to be in. We need wise companions who will introduce us to good people, pray for us, "ride or die" for us...someone who will help you build a solid home on solid ground. We need spouses who will tell us the truth with love. I know some of us have that ONE person in mind right now..
"Love without truth is hypocrisy, and truth without love is brutality." - Warren Wiersbe
In this cold, decaying society, it’s hard to find that one person. In a world with billions of people...hundreds of nations...and all of the technical difficulties in between, it can be difficult to identify that one person…but who ever said finding wifey would be easy?
Proverbs 31:10 - "A wife of noble character who can find? She is worth far more than rubies."

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