The Word On The Streets XVI: The Vulcanised Cow Edition
Feyi Fawehinmi

Good to see TWOTS has returned. We were planning a protest.

9. It reminds me of my last visit (2014) to Esie, Kwara State, which was for my gran’s funeral. The shortage of people between teenage and 60-ish was glaring. Most of the 1000 or so people at the event had come from elsewhere. Most people even prefer to retire to Ilorin and then make the hour-long drive. I suppose that just like Ile Oluji, Esie relies heavily on these visits, because the number of hotels in the town has shot up. Churches too. I pitied the unfortunate bank workers who had been posted there. I was excited to see the local zoo but the lions had long died and the only animals left were ones you didn’t really need to visit a zoo to see. The main tourist attraction, the museum of stone figures (first museum in the country) still stands though.

14. Begging is a national sport naw

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