Bootcamp, Day 3

The experience has gotten better with each day that goes by. It has been challenging but even more fulfilling.

As usual there were three tasks today; writing this is the third. The most challenging was the binary search lab and the most interesting was building a simple user interface using html and css. The user interface task made today the most interesting of the three days of home based learning. It was fun drawing out a design and putting codes together to make it real.

So today is the final day of the home sessions and I feel wonderfully awesome. The few sentences from my BFA have been an inspiring lot. She once said our dedication and passion will see us through. That is something I won’t forget in a long while. The group has been great; it feels like a team.

I feel like I’ve done so much in a little while; I feel like I’m ready to do even more; I know there’s still much more to learn; I’m convinced I will be a great developer.

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