Can we take a look in the mirror?

Let’s find something to blame. What is the thing that we can point at to make us all feel better?

Media, sensationalism, Facebook, Twitter, fake news sites, the electoral college, our founding fathers, heck we blame each other.

Why isn’t anyone pointing a finger at themselves? Why can’t we look in the mirror?

I’ve learned over the past couple of years that a core desire of humanity is to be right. This election has shown me that very clearly, however, not really in the way that I would expect. Instead of our candidates debating their own points, they spend the majority of their time arguing why the opposite points are wrong. The majority of the debate was spent reiterating that the opposition was simply lying about everything they said.

That was on both sides.

That trickles down in to society on the whole.

Hillary lost this election because the electoral college is bunk and doesn’t account for the voice of America. Facebook did nothing to censor all of the fake news about Hillary.

I will be honest and say that I did want Hillary to win this election. I voted for her. Was I as true to myself as I could have been by voting for her, not at all. I think she was no more deserving of the office than our President-Elect. That’s for a different time though.

I’m really writing this because I think it is time that we do make America great again. The only way that we do that, in my humble opinion, is by taking on some responsibility for ourselves and each other.

I include myself in that. I have spent a good amount of my adulthood looking out for #1 (that’s me). Our country cannot continue, better yet start, on a path to being great (whether you think it’s again, or for the first time, or more so) unless we as a society come together and start working for each other.

Responsibility is not fun all the time. It’s certainly not as easy as pointing the blame at someone or something else. But let’s be honest, is being as divided as we are really what we are looking for right now?

I wouldn’t say so.

Do I have a plan to make this country great again? Nope.
Do I know how to bring this country back together again? Nope.
Does the idea of taking that on make me uncomfortable? Yup.

At the end of the day, I am not satisfied with the discomfort, fear, hate, and cracks that have become between us as a society. I don’t have all the answers, not anywhere close.

But I’ll tell you something… I am at least looking in the mirror to figure out what I can do about it.

Do you want to join me?