Reset — Our year off family trip

We were in dire need of a family reset. Something out of the ordinary that could take us away from the grind of everyday life and let us stand still, as a family, and really get to spend time together. Everyone of us needed to let go of the pedal and hit the breaks, learn how to go slowly and enjoy everything that goes with slow — slow food, slow conversations, slow afternoon drinks…

Our solution — taking a year off, every single one of our family members, and spending it far away from our usual geography. That means that every one of our 4 children leaves school for that year, and both my wife and I ask for a sabbatical. In my line of work and at my company, that’s never going to happen I said to myself, yet lo and behold, they said yes! They even said yes almost immediately which, if you know my company, is almost unheard of.

That happened almost exactly at my wife’s workplace and the same story roughly repeated itself along the same lines with each of our children’s schools. If that isn’t lining up all of your ducks in the same row, if that isn’t the world telling you it’s really time to do this, then I don’t know what is.

Everything in our world told us that now’s the time to take a year off. So here goes :)

We’ll be updating our story with all the ups, the downs, the adventures, the mishaps, the sights, sounds, smells, tastes and pictures. We’ll be updating our story for our own sakes, and you’re more than welcome to join us in our adventures as we do a hard reset and start living slowly.