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  • The Greatest Trade Ever is about the 2007/2008 financial crisis and how some people who made money, when everyone else was losing money
  • As I write this we are in the middle of Covid, so these notes are to see if you can take lessons learned from 2008 financial crisis and apply it to 2020 Covid’s financial impact
  • Rereading my notes from this book, I am further convinced that 2008 financial crisis and Covid 19 are different in very subtle ways and one should not draw too many conclusions.
  • History might rhyme but it does not repeat.

Some high level…

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In a world with so much information how do you sort through all the noise and make sense of what actually matters? Here are my notes from The Organized Mind by Daniel Levitin which aims to answer that question.

For the month of May I read the book The Organized Mind by Daniel Levitin. I actually originally went to the library to read Presuasion but came across this book when I saw the byline/subtitle: “Thinking Straight in an Age of Information Overload”. I sometimes feel like I am bombarded by so much information and keeping my head organized with all…

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Tomiwa + Paul

Paul is an incoming management consultant at Bain and Company. Before that he was an investment banking summer analyst at RBC after declining an interview at Goldman Sachs and founder of a food delivery company called Dine Easy. He is currently in his final year in the honours business program at the Ivey Business School.

In this episode we talk about why he chose investment banking and consulting and if he was chasing prestige or doing what he genuinely enjoyed. …

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Ruth Grace Wong joins us on this episode of Atila TV to talk about her path from getting rejected from medical school twice, to doing a Master’s in computational biochemistry and working as a software engineer at top technology companies such as Google and Pinterest.

She also talks about advice for people who want to either become doctors or work in the tech industry, her work as a Manufacturing engineer/maker, what volunteering at a hospice taught her about compassion and gratitude, working at a larger versus smaller company, advice for females in tech and much more.

Note: This transcript has…

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Note: If you don’t have time to read this whole article, skip to the Key Takeaways (or The “Do This” List). Its short, sweet, very actionable, and to the point.

Ray Dalio is one of the most successful investors of all time with a net worth of about $18.1 billion. The company he founded, Bridgewater is the world’s largest hedge fund with over $124.7 Billion in Assets under management. But that’s not the point.

The point, is that the hedge fund industry is one of the most secretive, competitive industries in the world. So when one of the most successful…

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Emily Chen (IG:em.chenn) joins us on the first episode to talk about how she got into U of T medical school without a degree, advice for students studying pre med programs and the importance of work life balance and self care.

Originally published at




What type of high school student were you — 1:10

Cold Calling Professionals in grade 10–2:37

McMaster Health Science Rejection and wakeup Call — 4:09

What if I I don’t get into medical school — 5:00

Biggest life jumps and importance of self care — 8:12

Living up to expectations of immigrant…

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In this article, you will learn the theory of how service workers work. I provide a short tutorial to apply that theory to make a website that runs without the internet. Finally, I’ll discuss what this means for you and the future of the internet.

I get excited when talking about service workers. I am going to go on a quick rant on the problem this solves and why this is awesome. Then I dive into the theory of how service workers work and why it is awesome. …

I created a machine learning trading algorithm using python and Quantopian to beat the stock market for over 10 years.

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Permanent Portfolio Fund on Quantopian : January 1, 2006 until June 2, 2017

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Phlock 1.0, The beginning of the journey

Prior to starting my current company, I founded a startup called Phlock. I built a device that let you unlock doors using your phone and share keys with friends in real time. Phlock didn’t actually fail, but something much worse happened: I simply let it disappear.

Originally published at the Atila Blog.

Here’s a video of an early prototype:

An early Phlock Prototype.

In the summer of 2017, I came up with the idea for Atila (a platform to search for and apply to scholarships). …


Software Engineer. Founder, Atila, @atilatech, edtech website fixing education funding in Canada.

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