Working as the creative director at GetUpInc demands certain responsibilities from me like setting the tone and creating guides for project and productions. This assists the members of the internal and external team to ensure we speak the same language and have the same spirit at work when applying their different capacities from the tiniest to the most obvious detail. It is always a great experience.

My conversations on African Millennials have put me in positions of telling stories of grounded African Millennial entrepreneurs through the CEO Magazine. This time, it would be D’banj talking about the business side of…

It takes a little bit lot to communicate. Telling a lady “You are Beautiful” could mean many things to 5 different ones. Articulating a thought via visuals is really beyond the use of tools. The goal is to arouse the right emotion, the right moan frequency that you could leverage on the next time. It’s beyond having a bigger paint brush, your stroke skill and bite-second timing is as important so you don’t bruise the canvas or argue minimalism & wide space. A good understanding of personality goes a long way; you want the memories to linger among a large…

Moral muscles, quotes dropper, waiters of a certain move because that’s the word for the season and the goody-two-shoes of modern age clouded by words of certain people who have created principles out of their strengths, weaknesses and some type of books; I’m still a young man but I’ll tell you this- unfuck yourselves. Don’t pardon my French.

Every now and then, I have banters with a friend and we go back to talk about the energies we had in secondary school and Uni days and how we had so much speed at things. We later slowed down because we…

We are happy about a movie on the Black Panther character and fascinated about what a futuristic Africa can look like.

The west created Black Panther with his cool philosophy of how beautiful Africa could/would be if there was no western inclusion. We are all extremely happy about what WE did not aggressively think of or foster.

Still can’t wait to see the movie and smile at the use of creativity and technology to get a lot of Africans buying their furniture.
Good one Marvel. Good One. Wakanda.

Photo from Ursula!

Not so much of a disclaimer: The points to be shared will open up a new perspective to perceiving millennials and growing an appealing brand through them. I also believe having a good understanding of how to connect to millennials will open up new vistas to discover and channel our potential leadership abilities. Today, marketing is taking a huge move up the hill through the introduction of new versions of communication platforms & devices and it seems the hill keeps getting taller. (You can put the word “update” somewhere in between the last sentence). …

Recent discussions with a global consultant in organisatonal culture and leadership- Dr Flo Falayi has expanded my interpretation of Africa and it’s positioning on the global scene. He once said in a tweet: “I also will like to state that the lack of a core identity destroys our interpretation and understanding of leadership”. This means whatever growth we need springs up from this question- “who are we?”

Talking about the Nigerian (African) Millennial and the potential relevance it can have on the global scene in just few years away, this thought has been one of my tools in interpreting and…

I’ve been around a few years and heard conversations mostly about how bad things are. It’s became a lot of work for me to focus on the good side of things, call it the ‘right side’ of things and I just wished conversations had more of those. The mind would be more creative that way.

So yesterday was a straight day meeting after a little sleep because I had turned up with a friend for his birthday at Escape. First was a call from an Executive Director in one of the leading newspaper publishers in the continent, we just talked…

Got a call that one of the country’s very top royal fathers heard about me and called to see me to have a conversation on some of my thoughts. So Ife happened within a 24 hour period!

The conversation was beyond what’s normally expected from Kings in Africa. Above the beautiful protocols that made me feel closer to the source, The Ooni of Ife is the kind of leader we should have at this time.

His attention to details and systems thinking abilities would be good for academics and boy, he understands and is creating the characters that should aggregate…

A certain ‘tech’ company has closed up and even sent notes to auction it’s office space.

This is just my thought from far, might not be so true about what happened internally.

The books and education we get from the western world don’t exactly work here the way the results from it’s learning is supposed to look. Those things should encourage us to get creative with our environment, not to act gulping the theories hook, line and sinker. They were written based on studies peculiar to their environment.

The economic culture and infrastructure in Africa is very different. …

I think the next major fashion event in Lagos will be more about ingenious designs, not a ‘trying-to-be-NewYork-Paris-Fashion-event-full-of-inferior-creativity-but-we-did-it-anyways” kind of things that has happened lately.

The day after Christmas, my dad gave me a three-piece Yoruba attire (Dashiki, Kembe and Agbada) Ijebu Ofi, made by a bunch of Ijebu men who have most likely passed on. That thing was so much quality in material and in design, purely handmade, delivered to my Grand Pa’s door steps in Ibadan, early 1972.

That thing is 45 years old and still as wearable as anything. …

African Millennial- Tomi Wale

A thought leader and director of a leading creative strategy and millennial insight company in Sub-Saharan Africa- GetUpInc.

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