Feel global.

Lagos Is Not The Competition #NigerianMillennial

I have consulted for organisations in Nigeria, North America and Europe, had a few Caucasians but mostly Nigerians. I found out that the location these Nigerians are really has no difference on them. They still want local thoughts, just with different addresses.

It’s however beautiful today, that whatsoever you do has a potential global reach. Your products and services easily reaches the world, because, its 2016.

I found out that many organisations in Lagos want to have an online presence but process their thoughts and organisational culture in ways that would hardly absorb global approaches. It’s a little unfair. I see those things as a malnourished child sipping drops of protein food from an almost empty can. Organisations that shift from having it’s eventual goal from local to global have a more healthy way of operating. You find out you have more you can do and naturally want more information every night. You become more open minded. You naturally look out for more. That’s such a better way to grow!

I’ll highlight a few things.

Location: starting something in Lagos positions you to be known in Africa within months. There are obvious reasons why Lagos seems to be the most influential place in Africa. A simple way of seeing Lagos is how NewYork is to North America, Paris/London to Europe, Beijing to Asia. Whatever you do in Lagos has a quicker tendency on getting known. Call it African.

Positioning: exploring the rich and beautiful infrastructure the internet offers will do a good help. The interesting thing is, millennials keep the operation of the internet running. These guys can be huge brand loyalist in less than 3 years, if you understand them.

Report: the Nigerian Millennial report is the first organic resource from a survey conducted among Africa’s most influential demographic. It’s almost safe to say they are a good sample to understand the African millennial.

This people simple go with what is relevant- relevant being relative, it suggests a beautiful potential avenue to sell creativity.

Starting something in Lagos is good, but have a global orientation deeply inherent. You’ll find out you will attract the most creative demographic who will take things father than you can. They will stay up with you all night to get things done. Gen X might not.

Whatsoever is done in Lagos positions you for global scaling. Millennials are there to take things higher and for a longer period of time.

See more on the potential of the millennial demographic and how they respond to online content here (www.getupinc.com)