Installing couchDB on ubuntu 17.10

It took me nothing less than 3hours trying to fix this issue yesterday. In fact at some point I almost gave up and just wanted to go to bed around 1am yesterday until i made my final google search with much reluctance but with an open mind and I finally got it after much trial and error

Infact I actually got to impair some of the settings of my system inadvertently while trying to install couchdb on my newly installed ubuntu 17.10 but later fixed all the issues before going to bed

Because am a great fan of change, am always eager to join the band-wagon of change agents without much reluctance .

Recently, I decided to upgrade to ubuntu 17.10 earlier this month because I noticed that it comes with the GNOME ENVIROMENT which is very cool and include more settings

But at times change might be very risky and costly and only the determined can stand in face of challenges. It got to a point that I wanted to downgrade back to my ubuntu 16.04 but decided to still give one more try before it actually worked

The main reason while the tutorial I followed installing couchdb on ubuntu 17.10 didn’t work was because it was using a PPA(Personal Package Archives) not supported by Ubuntu 17.10

I later discovered that A software engineer from couchdb created a PPA for couchdb for ubuntu 17.10 users to be able to use couch on 17.10

See engineer and PPA here


Step 1 — Preparing the Server

Begin by updating the system:

sudo apt-get update

Install the software that allows you to manage the source repositories:

sudo apt-get install software-properties-common -y

Note:The -y flag tells the apt-get command to assume a Yes response to all the prompts that might come up during the installation process. You can drop this flag if you prefer responding manually to the prompts.

Add the PPA that will help us fetch the latest CouchDB version from the appropriate repository: This time around add the new PPA from couchdb engineer for ubuntu 17.10

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:jderose/couchdb-1.7.0sudo apt-get update

Step 2 — Installing CouchDB

If you previously had CouchDB installed on this server, begin by removing the existing version:

     sudo apt-get remove couchdb couchdb-bin couchdb-common -yf

Now install CouchDB:
sudo apt-get install couchdb -y

By default, CouchDB runs on

localhost and uses the port 5984. You can retrieve this basic information by running curl from the command line:

curl localhost:5984

Note:If you don’t have curl installed, you can use the sudo apt-get install curl command to install it.

You should get something similar to the following:


Go to http://localhost:5984/_utils/

You should get something like this

I hope this helps someone. Thanks

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Software Engineer

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