I read, talk about, chat and in the past have written blog posts about leadership. And truth be told I am only one of thousands of people whom, through social media or through their business, talk about this very important subject. It is an important subject because each of us play a leadership role in life. It may be in a business or as a teacher, a member of the clergy, a politician or in our most important role as a parent.

Most of the conversation I read about and have focuses on the role of leadership involving individuals, groups or teams of people looking to make a difference in their role. Their is a lot of outstanding work done involving influence, motivation and the difference between Managing and Leading people. All of these are very important subjects.

Over the last past several months I have connected with a chat groups called #GTIdeology formed by Vince Skolny (@VinceSkolny). What is unique about this group in my opinion is that they take the discussion to the base layer of leadership: Individuals.

When we look at the many facets of organizations or teams we first look at them as a whole, then at departments or sections and then possibly at groups within the departments. It seems at the same time we rarely talk about the individual. We see it not only in business but also in society, especially this political season, where we are quick and often incorrectly, ready to put people in a group.

I am a big fan of John G. Miller (@qbqguy) author of several leadership books including QBQ. I believe in his book "Outstanding " he says that the statement "There is no I in team" is incorrect and that every outstanding team is made up of outstanding individuals. He is right.

At the top of every organization there are very smart people. They may be the owner or CEO who has the responsibility of giving an organization it's direction. They set the tone by establishing the principals and core values upon which the organization will be run. They are tasked with creating a profit based organization which will also establish itself as part of the community which it serves. They also establish the model on which their external customers will be served. Lastly, and in without question, most importantly they must set the expectation on how each individual within the organization is served.

An organization is certainly made up of groups, most have an organizational chart with an understanding of who reports to whom. At the same time as good as all that may link on paper the true foundation of any organization are individuals.

They are the person that answers the phone. The cashier at your retail store or person behind the counter at your local fast food restaurant. They are your sales representative out visiting your customer or research scientist working our the next big medicine. They play every role from CEO to Janitor. They are individual people who represent each individual brick I. Your business structure.

Along with those important roles they are also a parent, a son or daughter, or a sister or brother. They may have financial problems or personal property less that effect the their daily lives. Or they may be disengaged because how they are treated for their religion, or race. The bottom line is they are individuals.

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