Love/Loathe: Advertisements


Well, I can’t find the specific advert, but my loathe ad is a recent one on TV by an App called Schpock. This is one of their older ads that I find just as annoying: (Links to an external site.)

Just for everyone’s info who might not be familiar with it, Schpock is an app described as a ‘bootsale’ app that allows users to sell unwanted belongings to other people in their area. You post a photo of the item with a description and asking price, and then people in the same area as you can view it and message you with an offer.

There are a couple of reasons I dislike the advert so much. Firstly, the frequency that it appears on television. It’s extremely repetitive, with a catch line (Photo, Chat, Kerching) that repeated throughout — by a voiceover that really grates. When putting this into words, it’s hard ti articulate exactly why I find it so irritating, but in brief it’s: the sound, the visuals, the language…etc. It really doesn’t tick any boxes for me.

Secondly, having tried the app myself, I personally didn’t find it very useful or successful. I didn’t manage to sell anything myself, and there weren’t a huge amount of users in my area. It also raised safety concerns in that you have to physically meet to sell your item — and you don’t actually know who you are meeting until that happens.

Volvo V90 (Links to an external site.)

I’m a big fan of all of Volvo’s recent ads for their cars, and this is a great example. Rather than being a straight forward car advert, it’s more of a short film that happens to feature a Volvo, and it encapsulates ideas of adventure, exploration, family, warmth and reliability — basically a life-style that I personally aspire to. It does this by choice of people (a young family), location (mountains, countryside, beautiful weather), music (a sound track with lyrics that seem to speak on behalf of Volvo “This is what I’m made of” i.e. this is us, what we are), and colour (the colour palette, if you’re familiar with Volvo cars, is featured throughout their vehicles, as well as materials used).

It’s beautifully shot, pleasant to watch, and leaves you with a real urge to get outside and explore (and probably to do so in a Volvo!).