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Like many others, my company Uppercase recently got some extra time to think and reflect, while we reposition and strengthen ourselves. To help us we visited different industries who normally depend on physical contact in order to do their job.

we could help 10–20% of our patients through video

First stop was a health clinic in the old part of Oslo, Vålerenga, named Helsevinkelen. They were very welcoming and we got to chat with a sweet naprapath named Alfhild.

— Can you tell us a little about the clinic and yourself?

— We are a little health community established in 2012, consisting of 10 independent therapists with different specialities. We do acupuncture, massage, physiotherapy, naprapathy and different mental therapy. My self, I am a naprapath. Mostly I work from here, but I have some companies I visite to treat the employees at their office. A nice arrangement, but not very lucrative after the pandemic locked us down. …

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