A selfish writing debut

Reflections and book summaries to follow

Hello web, here’s my debut at structured content creation. If you’re reading this, thank you, and I begin with an apology.

Publishing content here is for your benefit, but writing it is purely for my own gain. In writing, I mentally process and file away the different lessons, readings, and conversations that fill my days. It’s a meditative brain dump through which I de-clutter mental space, and what gets written down isn’t always pretty.

Why publish at all if I get the benefits out of writing alone? Why not stop there? Well, most positive experiences in my life have stemmed from accidental connections. Within a long, cluttered conversation, one of us will say one small thing that truly resonates with the other person, and becomes the basis for an ongoing relationship. I share my rambling thoughts here on the off chance the same principle extends to the web. If something you read here resonates with you, message/txt/call me and let’s talk more. If nothing sticks, there is no shortage of inspiration elsewhere.

What you can expect to find here will be mostly a combination hyper-distilled book summaries, along with some brief journalling. Happy reading!

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