Just start — @jorymackay

The importance of just getting started by Jory MacKay

In the spirit of Jory’s full article (worth the full read here), I will keep my note brief in case reading this is in itself our own procrastination (yeah, this got meta in a hurry).

“Ironically, the guilt and frustration we feel from not starting is often worse than the pain of actually doing work.”

Making Newton’s first law work in our favour necessitates creating the initial momentum. Once we’re there, it’s easy. Mixing concepts, when I wrote about The Happiness Advantage a few weeks ago, getting started has a strong correlation with our mental well-being. When we start, we often also finish, and in the process rack up a tally of little victories. Contrast that to the demoralizing effect that dozens of little failures can have (caving to a sugar craving, that book collecting dust that we keep meaning to read, etc).

What can you start RIGHT NOW?

There’s a pile of dishes staring at me… Catch you in 15 when they’re done.