Why everyone cares gravitational wave?

Recently, as scientists around the world announced their discovery of gravitational wave, the whole world has greatly honored and crazily celebrated this huge scientific achievements. Even among my friends, who just struggle for their Ap courses, passages about popularization of this esoteric concept are frequently sent to each other through social medias like QQ or Wechat. What makes people so cheerful about this discovery which is irrelevant to most people’s daily life? Why people can be so curious about a tough scientific word that most of them can’t even understand?
The reason should be traced back to long ago, almost the time of primeval ages. At that time, people were still trapped into the chaos. In order to survive and propagate, they had to put forth any possible effort to fighting with wild animals and adopting harsh environments. Therefore, useful experience like escaping from danger quickly, hunting for food easily, etc. could be extremely valuable. These amassed experience was the first form of knowledge which highly increased the likelihood of survival for the whole tribe. As a result, people who mastered knowledge (or experience) were honored as leaders or prophets. However, the truth is that other people of the tribe didn’t esteemed prophets, which means the prophets were only agents of the knowledge. Instead, what they really respected was the knowledge itself, which consisted of horror to the unknown, the gratefulness to the experience and the persistence to survive .
As time went by, people began to master more skills and understand more knowledge. However, according to Darwin’s evolutionary theory, the awe to knowledge has been involved into the depth of their genes and passed through generations. Simultaneously, their curiosity of exploring unknown world was inherited in the same way. As a result, human beings regard such kind of awe and curiosity as their instincts, even their lifelong pursuits. From this aspect, NASA’s persistence on exploring the outer space may be well illustrated. Also, that’s why at the moment of announcing the discovery of gravitational eave, nearly every human beings, regardless of their ethnics, religions, countries or races, was deeply impressed — — -they all have the loyalist faith on science, more specifically, the knowledge behind the science. Undoubtedly, knowledge is the basic of our world, the supreme order of human society and even the god of creation in general.
Just as Immanuel Kant, the greatest philosopher who created the classic philosophic in Germany says, “Two things fill the heart with renewed and increasing awe and reverence the more often and the more steadily that they are meditated on:the starry skies above me and the moral law inside me.” We human beings explored in the past; we are exploring right now; we will continue to explore firmly in the future, because knowledge is an endless mountain which deserves our discovery of whole life.