Thats a really interesting way to handle that.
Thomas Lowry

Glad it helps. I’ve found that separating all global components, like OS default controls and icons, from the actual UI flows really helps keep things clean. It enables you to design multi-platform views in the same file, because the root components are all separate. No need to worry about tons of redundant styles and symbols.

I’d also recommend watching some of the Figma tutorials about layer states. It was a big mindset shift when I started thinking about it their way as opposed to Sketch’s way.

For example, all of these are the same component as each other:

I have permutations for every variety of table row that Material spec defines, and it’s as easy to switch between them as turning on and off layers. Also, if I ever decide to add another option, I just have to update it in once place, and it goes everywhere.

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