Visually the SVG file is just fine, looks exactly as the one in Sketch, the problem is the actual…
Bernardo Raposo

Okay, so I’m going to go out on a limb here and say what I can/think I can read. I don’t have much experience reading the syntax of exported svgs, so if I sound like a total moron, feel free to roll your eyes at my ignorance.

It looks like the compression of the Sketch file is way better, but it looks like the way the Figma one is exported, would allow for you to dynamically change the fill colors much more easily or add different IDs to each shape if you wanted to. I have noticed that Figma doesn’t eliminate redundant anchor points on a path when merging the two, so that could be contributing to all of those extra coordinates. Keep in mind, my code knowledge is laughably lacking.

Have you tried running them through a 3rd part compression tool right out of Figma instead of bringing them into Sketch? I’ve used some before, but I can’t remember which, this one came up first on my Google search: It seems that you could write a script to run your assets through something like this on export, but I’m not sure if you’re looking strictly for compression, or you want something else from it.

I usually don’t worry about svgs beyond their appearance, as most assets in native apps come with the initial app download. Should I be paying more attention to this?

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