Android Material Design for an iOS app?
adam kyle wilson

Seeing as how they used this prototype to test whether or not it was intuitive, I’d say your point misses the mark. Their tests validated that people know to tap on round buttons, ergo, they turned out to be intuitive. That’s the point of the prototype. Don’t confuse your own preferences on whether or not a UI element conveys it’s purpose and meaning clearly.

Also, material design is not just round buttons, shadows, or bottom sheets. FABs, according to material spec, also have no labels and in most cases are groupings of other actions. There are 3 round buttons, with shadows. They are not FABs, they are just buttons, none of which has a main prominence, which also would violate material spec.

Also, most of iOS, including Apple maps, now utilizes bottom drawers. Critique is one thing, but armchair design is not helpful.

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