Thanks for the article — some good reasons to give Figma a try. I only dabbled with it briefly.
UX Columbo

That’s a valid concern. I wasn’t affected by the Pixate acquisition, only having dabbled in it, so maybe I don’t give this as much mind as I should.

I’m not sure what the future will hold for any SaaS tool, much less for Figma. They could be acquired next week, for all I know, just so that a company like Google or Apple could use the tool for themselves without having to worry about data being stored by a 3rd party.

But here’s the thing: you could say the same thing about InVision, Marvel, Zeplin (pretty sure this is web-based), UXPin, Protio, & Webflow, or for that matter any SaaS product. Is that going to stop you from using them?

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