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Well hundreds of artboards… I mean I have projects with a lot, but not that many. Have you tried breaking it into smaller pieces? That seems like it could be a contributing factor.

Yes, I’ve also ran into some issues when cloning extremely complex layers, but it’s not the norm, and for sure is just as prevalent as similar issues in Sketch.

I’ve not tried Adobe XD more than a handful of times, so I can’t speak to it. There were a bunch of core features that were missing when I was in the tool, but I’ve heard that it’s matured considerably since then. Glad to hear that you enjoy it.

Also, being offline has not a concern of mine, but it could be one in the future. Glad to know that you’re looking out for me. I appreciate the pep talk.

I’ve been rooting for Subform for a while, but haven’t gone into the tool lately. Have they resolved a lot of the issues that needed CSS syntax? I’m thinking that it’ll be a great tool once it’s a little further along, but for now I’m happy with Figma and so is my team.

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