I’m waiting for Figma’s answer to Auto-Layout Stacks in the Anima plugin.
Kyla Medina

Yeah, I can understand that…


One of my big concerns with that plugin is that it emulates flexbox, without actually exposing the logic or constraints of it. The auto-sizing buttons with text length feature would be incredible, but I’m not as convinced that we should be guessing at the stacking logic that systems like flexbox provides outside of the browser. You can get some of the features close by using come more complex constraints, but it’s not quite the same. I suppose it would depend on what circumstances you’re using it in.

But I realize all of that is my personal preference. As I said above, I stopped designing for the web after I learned Webflow. It was just too redundant to do a static comp for someone and then build it. There, at least I know what does and doesn’t work in my designs. If only there were something similar for native apps.

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