(Aussie) Startup House

Tonight we spent the evening at StartUp House, San Fran listening to Elias Bizannes talk about his journey from corporate life in Sydney Australia to serial parallel startup founder in the tech capital of the world. Elias is the founder of Silicon Beach Australia, Startup Bus, and Startup House, now his attentions have pivoted towards health tech where his true passion lies.

StartUp House works on a simple premise, that startup founders have three basic needs in early stage;

  1. A place to sleep
  2. A place to work
  3. A community

The building itself was a typical San Fran industrial conversion with standing desks, macbooks, breakout space and other co-working essentials. We didn’t get to see the rooms but they were described as purposefully uncomfortable to encourage founders to get their business growing ASAP.

On Elias transition from management consultancy to SF startups he had the following to say:

You have to unlearn almost everything: dot Is cross Ts, everything has to be perfect. Most big companies are all about creating perfect work. Analytical skills are powerful, but they are antithesis of startup success. 80% is good enough, analytical skills aren’t useful in a startup. Perfection means you won’t get enough done to grow the business.
Need to be in SF if you are running a startup. Ecosystem is key. Iterations, more learnings, faster.

All in all, StartUp House is a great de-facto Aussie landing pad in SF. I’ll be considering it if I’m ever in town working on a new startup.

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