This is how Google will collapse
Daniel Colin James

The AD blocking and the fact that their most valuable market the millennials are blocking ads cannot be good. Another problem is allowing themselves to get pulled in a political direction that is winding down. The new moral conservative movement has become the “cool” “counter culture”. The fact that they 1) cannot read the tea-leaves is disconcerting 2) That they would take a political position at all is even more worrying. The AI idea is not so fleshed out. We don’t have AI yet just a collection of complex algorithms. So saying google landed on the wrong side of it is not clear. I am not a fan of google but I suspect when/if there would be a breakthrough in AI then they would likely be the ones in front of it. BTW as soon as AI is developed it will likely fall under defense department control. Imagine what a real AI could do in markets, in strategic applications etc.

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