Government Must Keep Long-Held Promise to Support Whistleblowers
Sen. Chuck Grassley

THIS whistleblower suggested that neo-con covert Pentagon spy, Michael Ledeen, later implicated in falsifying documents that showed Iraq (untruthfully) had yellowcake uranium, that led us to war in Iraq.

This was at a time when the Reagan administration was secretly selling arms to Iran, through Israel, of which Mr. Ledeen was a part, and you Senator Grassley either failed to spot or take action on.

Senator Grassley, you ignored this whistleblower who could’ve saved us from the disinformation that killed hundreds of thousands of people. Ironically, you were on the Senate “intelligence” committee at the time, when you ignored the whistleblower, Noel Koch.

[Citation from HistoryCommons Org]:
1986: Defense Department Official Attempts to Warn FBI about Potential Spy, FBI Ignores Warning
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Defense Department official Noel Koch arranges to discuss a matter of potential espionage with the FBI. Koch is worried that his former aide, neoconservative Michael Ledeen, has access to highly classified information in his role as a National Security Council consultant (see Late 1984 and May 3, 1985). Koch feels that Ledeen had possibly given classified information to Israel during his tenure at the Defense Department (see 1983). Koch is debriefed for two hours by FBI investigators, who tell him that they are only worried about possible Soviet espionage. Koch wonders at this, considering that Naval intelligence analyst Jonathan Pollard had been arrested just months before and charged with espionage on behalf of Israel. A frustrated Koch writes up his knowledge of Ledeen’s actions at the Defense Department and sends the report to Senator Charles Grassley (R-IA), a member of the Senate Intelligence Committee. Nothing concrete comes from Koch’s attempts to alert the FBI and Congress to potential espionage by Ledeen. [CounterPunch, 2/28/2004]

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Here you are Senator Grassley, just months ago pictured with the Iran-Contra criminal conspirator Oliver North, months ago at CPAC.

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