Why Is the U.S. Air Force Dismantling Some of Its Stored A-10s?
War Is Boring

What a shrill emotional dramatic blog about nothing. It is pretty obvious why the USAF is pulling apart air-frames that are never going to use again, because they need the parts. None of these are aircraft ever likely to be used again. This USAF will be retiring active A-10C aircraft next year so they are not going to need to replace lost or damaged air-frames from the boneyard when they have so many spares that are already being retired. Seriously, there is no conspiracy.

The USMC are not “tired of waiting” for the F-35B. They are just taking air-frames out of storage to repair and replace the worn out ones as a stop-gap to fill in for the F-35B being later than they expected. The only reason they have to do this is because they didn’t want to buy any F/A-18E/F models as interim aircraft.

Why Warisboring publishes articles like this is beyond me.

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