Thank you for everything, Adobe. I really want to move on
Darin Dimitroff

Man, you’re so right. I’ve installed Affinity apps yesterday and i was literally blown away. Not even by the fact how good this stuff is. It sriked me that, after years and years of using (on daily basis) top-class company apps (Adobe) I was so enormously amazed by how easy and fast you can make some things. It’s unimaginble in Photoshop or Illustrator! This all small details, deign decision and improvments combine into one f*****g amazing experience!

Affinity Designer won Apple Design Award, Photo looks very impressing even as a beta. And all this stuff is more comfortable, faster, and, oh God, few times cheeper.

There are of course some flaws, exporting assets isn’t perfect and 98% of industry still use Adobe apps. Neverless one thing stucked in my mind: because of outdated (I mean one that can’t keep up with modern design workflow) Adobe software my workflow/process have serious flaws. I’m sure right now I’ll cut my CC subscription to just photoshop and buy Affinity stuff right away.

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