Now, start getting up a 4 AM like I do and really see what you get done Trust me I’ve done it for…
Bill Lewis

Bill Lewis if I get up at 7 AM EST does that count for 4 AM PST??? Haha.

Only kidding. Maybe I can start doing this after wrestling season ends in one month. Even if I get up at 6 AM and slowly work my way back — that would be a positive for me.

This year I want to spend more time making these tough daily decisions. I want to quit drinking once a week (so far so good for 2017), I want to wake up earlier (getting there), and I want to hustle my butt off for 12 hours a day (at least).

I’ll keep you updated Bill Lewis. Maybe you’ll see a new article just like this one except it says 4 AM instead of 7.

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