For those of us who do not want to put our articles behind a paywall, it’s still an issue.
Kira Leigh

But that’s the thing Kira Leigh, how can writers truly “struggle” when it’s the golden age of social media?

You don’t want to lock your stories. Some writers make upwards of $2k — $8k per month with the partner program. Why not lock them?

You audience doesn’t expect it.. That doesn’t mean it’s wrong. This is a new way of doing things on the internet. What always has/what’s worked before shouldn’t be confused with what ought to be.

It’s $5. Everybody and their mother in America can pay that.

I think it’s going to be fascinating in recent years how many platforms sprout up that have this same model or a version of this model.

If you’re worried about your audience not paying, then keep your articles on LI. It’s no problem.