My First Day As A Solo Traveller

Guys, it’s my first day as a digital nomad! Insane, right?

My Day 1 Agenda? Saying goodbye to two of my best friends and driving 9 hours to New Orleans.

The drive sucked almost as bad as the goodbye. Not really. The goodbye sucked pretty bad. I woke up shaking a little bit. I thought it was the nerves but I later found out it was because I wasn’t looking forward to saying goodbye to my friends.

The boxes got packed up. The car got weighed down. Then I took one last look at my friends and said a few goodbyes. Throw some tears in there and now you’re getting the full picture.

It’s this heavy feeling. It’s like jumping out of a plane to go sky diving. I felt like I was going down death row or something.

The drive was fun. Those 9 hours actually kind of flew by as I talked to friends, listened to music, and thought about what was ahead.

Then I got there and the sole fact alone that it’s not what I expected stung me a little bit. Then I remembered I was alone. There’s a lot of safety elsewhere in the world.

This is the feeling that I wanted though. Ironic, isn’t it? I feel calm even though I feel so uneasy.

I wanted this.

I can’t imagine it’ll get much worse than today, and I also can’t imagine it’ll all of a sudden become fantastic overnight. It’ll take me a little while to adjust to this again.

Wish me luck.

Originally published at on June 6, 2016.

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