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*Takes jacket off*

Hey Kelly.

So I’ve been writing on Medium for a LONG time. Seven months. I started the Post-Grad Survival Guide with the intent to provide help and encouragement to recent grads trying to make it through their life after college. It’s tough. It was one of the toughest times of my life (still is), and I really just wanted to make everybody else feel better.

So I wrote.

I wrote every weekday here and dropped off little tidbits I learned along the way in the two years after my graduation. I never thought about monetizing at all. I never thought about that despite the “letters” in the form of emails I would get from other well-known publications (I will NOT name them here) saying they were selling advertising space on their home page or selling ebooks or anything like that.

Still never thought about it.

Then I went over to these publications and realized that many of the stories in the NAV bar were brimming with affiliate links (25 Books You Need To Read To Get Rich And Famous, etc.). I’m not sure you know what they are because you asked me if I was paid to write this post (which I wasn’t by the way). Why would a company that didn’t even employ me want to work with me to write a sponsored post?

If you read the bottom of my article (which you must not have because you seem like a smart person judging from the stories you write on here) you’ll understand perfectly what affiliate links are.

Furthermore if you read the beginning of my post you’d understand that I’m actually humbling myself when it comes to Jobscan, trying it personally, and giving a review about my experience.

The problem with affiliate links are that some of the bloggers/personalities out there really haven’t tried anything they’re promoting, and it’s obvious. That’s the dark side to affiliate links. That’s enough to get angry about as a reader. That tells me they only care about money.

But for someone who’s tried it? And actually shows you they try it in the article? I think there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that, given the hundreds of hours I’ve worked on The Post-Grad Survival Guide over the last seven months.

I must have published over 200 stories on Medium. You know how many times I’ve used affiliate links so far? Probably three different times.

So excuse me if I’m a little irritated that someone thinks I’m gaming the system or don’t care about putting out quality content on Medium. I am a MEMBER. I’m literally putting my money where my mouth is. If you really “hate what Medium is turning into” then do something about supporting it and its mission. I want Medium to thrive. I want to meet other awesome writers (such as yourself) on here, not tear each other down.

And furthermore I want to give other people the chance to talk as well and maybe learn some things I may have been missing all along, which is why I open up the floor to you to offer a response to what I just said.