Tom. Keep writing. I try to read everything you write so keep advancing that ball!
Jay Parker (I)

Thanks Jay,

Wanted to quickly say thank you for reading all of my stuff here on Medium. I don’t respond all that much to people just because I have so much on my plate at any given time, but I wanted to extend my thanks to you.

I have so much to learn to be honest — you saw me writing back some nasty words to a gentleman the other day who decided he wanted to comment on my story.

It’s nice to have your perspectives. I love reading about you and your family because it’s almost like I have another role model in my life who just happens to be in the digital world.

The internet is such a crazy thing. I’ve met so many awesome people here who I haven’t ever actually “met,” and you’re definitely my favorite Medium fan! I hope I never lose you. Keep telling me what I NEED to hear, you do it so well.

Looking forward to more correspondence moving forward and more lessons!


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