I’ve been using AKS (managed Kubernetes from Azure) for last few months to run some personal project and a few production workloads. I’ll share my operation experience in this article.

The most important advantage of AKS should be easy Kubernetes provisioning and lifecycle management (LCM). Basic assumption of managed Kubenetes means to be operated and managed by cloud provider, where you just consume the API. It means that you aren’t responsible for monitoring Kubernetes nodes, updates and day-to-day operation because it should be handled by Azure. It’s managed and you are paying for it. So forget about doing SSH to…

Building images in CI is pretty common task and it always brings questions about technologies and workflow. I’d like to show you how we solved these questions by using buildah together with GitLab CI.

Let’s first take a look at our CI infrastucture:

  • We are using Gitlab to manage source code and Gitlab CI to run tests, linters and build images.
  • Private Gitlab runner with Kubernetes executor is executing our CI. It means that every job/build is running in pod on top of managed Kubernetes cluster.
  • Every successful pipeline produces container image with current version or branch build and pushes…

Tomáš Kukrál

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