Hillary is Still Worse Than Trump

This just shows why Hillary was far worse than Trump. In the book Shattered, as told by Clinton insiders, hardly a hit piece, (the original plan was to use that book title after she won in reference to the glass ceiling), according to the book, the Clinton campaign came up with the Russia narrative within 24 of hours of losing. They came up with this false story to make excuses for losing the election and being unable to accept the loss. A classic sign of a narcissist is not taking responsibility for their actions. She was willing to increase tensions with the other major nuclear power to make excuses! Think about that! This is the origin of that story!

Even last week she said “I take full responsibility for the loss and I was on the way to being your next president BUT for Comey and Russians meddling in the election” to paraphrase. Can you imagine what she would do to save face? No nothing to do with her really bad favorably numbers or the two FBI criminal investigations that started long before or the many, many never Hillary voters.

Trump is not good, but given her war monger tendencies, and the Neocons backing her, I continue contend, that it was a better outcome. Trump was not the establishment pick, which is why the MSM has been trying to paint him as mentally unstable, bringing up the fake Russia story incessantly with no proof, and doing everything they can to undermine him. I am not saying some of his positions should be criticized as should any person in power. Just saying actually look at his actual positions not the media spin on it. The media was all too willing to go along to cover for her, maybe because of the Podesta dinners?