MSM is Ignoring Two Very Big Stories

Do you still trust the MSM? While the MSM, spouts on about the false Russia story made up by Podesta 24 hours after Hillary lost as a smokescreen to deflect criticism over the loss. They are still ignoring two of the biggest stories.

1) Seth Rich was the source of the DNC leaks, he was murdered because of it, not Russia hacking! This disproves the Russia hack story!

2) The DNC lawsuit, where the man who served the lawsuit died mysteriously — Shawn Lucas, is now being heard, has very important ramifications, the DNC is saying we have no right to fair elections, and that voters knew that the election would not be fair.

Everyone previously has been writing this stuff off as conspiracy theories, they are all but now confirmed. There is concrete evidence, far stronger than any Russia ties to Trump, for these things, and it is completely being ignored by the MSM.