If you have come across ITMS-90424: Invalid Swift Support email after submitting your app to iTunes connect I feel your pain!

This tripped me up when I added some Swift code to my React Native app. There’s a lot of issues for this online but they all seem to be really old and with Xcode always changing it’s hard to see what you need to do but I’m going to tell you!

What you need to do is change your Always Embed Swift Standard Libraries to YES. It’s not that simple so let me break it down for you:

  1. Open…

After a lot of years using MAMP, I decided it was time to move to Valet. The reason for this is a lot of my friends were talking about how easy and fast it was I wanted to give it a go. Now I have moved to this and no longer use MAMP.

Some of the features it has out of the box that MAMP doesn’t are:

  • Custom URLs
  • Choose of MySQL
  • Options to move the “sites” folder,
  • and much more………

So here we go, this is how you get up and running with Valet!

Installing Valet

If you have MAMP

After always getting notices that my Mac is running low on space the first place I always look is the node_modules as I run many projects at a time as I'm sure we all do there can we a lot left behind. Here is a way to remove all node_modules from your current directory.

  1. First change directory to where you want to look for node_modules
$ cd documents

2. Look for all directories with node_modules and print the locations

$ find . -name "node_modules" -type d -prune -print | xargs du -chs

The output should look like this 👇


I will be updating this as and when I find new links I need to remember!

I’m sure it’s not just me but trying to find useful links on the Apple Developer site can be a pain! so listed below are some of the helpful links I always find myself looking for;

Marketing Resources and Identity Guidelines

Screenshot specifications


When taking screenshot’s with simulators, you need to make sure they are the right size to do this go to Window -> Physical size and then command + s

Have you come across this error before? Postgres is running but you are unable to connect? Well here is the fix!

The issues happens when the Postgres services are stopped in a forceful way, for example, if your mac was to turn off or you have a power cut.

I have this installed with Brew so this is how I fixed the issue,

  1. First, see if Postgres is running
brew services list

2. If it is running stop it, with the below. …

If you have been building a React Native app for both iPhone and iPad you may have come across this issue before.

ERROR ITMS-90474: "Invalid Bundle. iPad Multitasking support requires these orientations: 'UIInterfaceOrientationPortrait,UIInterfaceOrientationPortraitUpsideDown,UIInterfaceOrientationLandscapeLeft,UIInterfaceOrientationLandscapeRight'. Found 'UIInterfaceOrientationPortrait,UIInterfaceOrientationPortraitUpsideDown' in bundle 'YOUR_BUNDLE_ID'."

This issue appears when you are archiving the app ready to be sent to the iOS app store. The reason this error appears is because of the multitasking feature on the iPad. If you only allow a couple of orientations you will need to make the app full screen as iPad Multitasking support requires all the orientations.

To do this is very…

If you have been developing in React then you have probably come across React-router-dom. One thing I was looking for when I started the using this was private routes.

I was creating a dashboard web app but needed this to be locked down if a user is not logged in. I also didn’t want Google to index the dashboard pages. Below I’m going to show you the code I use across my apps for private routes.

Let me show you something that will change the way you start your Wordpress sites with WP CLI. Until now I used to download the Wordpress package from wordpress.org and then unzip all files and then move them to where I want them. Then I need to set up the wp-config and so on. It’s a very long process definitely when you do this day in day out.

Wordpress CLI makes this so simple! Let me show you how!

Installing Wordpress CLI

First of all you need to install the CLI. You will also need to have Composer installed on your machine if…

If you have been in the same situation as me and you are making sure all your accounts have two-step authentication, you get to GitHub and everything is going great until you type

$ git clone https://reponame.com

You then get an error telling you there has been issue trying to access your account!

Well I looked around online and found out that you need to use SSH if you have Two-step Authentication on. So here is how you change your current repos to SSH and how to set the SSH up on your mac

Setting up SSH

First of all you need to…

I wanted to do because this was something I was searching of a long time and could never find a complete guide. This is why I have spend my time on this. I will also keep this updated if anything changes as this will be my reference too!

Lets jump into the task in hand! I’m going to start to the point after you install MAMP.

Changing MAMP default ports

First of all you will need to change your ports. They need to be the same as below, this also mirrors a live server.

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I am a Developer, Working with React, React Native and Node. All posts are how to’s not just for me but the development community! https://tomlarge.dev

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