On hold with blendtec

It seems every phone messaging system thinks it’s a good idea to play music while your on hold. It’s not a good idea. I’ts a stupid idea. Be empathetic to customers who need support, don’t frustrate them further.


Will it blend? Can’t tell you I still don’t have my blender.

My cell phone speaker is on, classical music is slowly fading in… then BOOM! The jarringly loud recorded advertisement proclaims

What makes a blendtec superior? Powerful ultra high speed motors that blend even the toughest ingredients. Hardened medal dry sockets that never need to be replaced…

My last blender broke just days after it’s warranty ended. Frustrated I looked for a blender with good reviews and more importantly a good warranty. The Blentec seems to fit the bill, and I purchased one.

Two weeks ago.

With no shipping information I was beginning to wonder where my blender was. I sent a few emails with no reply. I waited. Finally I decided to call customer support. The phone rang, then an automated phone machine explained “press 1 for questions about your order,” that applies to me!

I clicked 1 and here I am. Waiting.

If I could put my phone on speaker, kick back, and watch some TV while I wait for the next customer support rep, that would be cool. But the on-hold music makes it hard to hear the TV. I could mute the phone, but then I wouldn’t know when the rep finally gets to my order.

So here I am listening to some soothing classical music followed by a loud advertisement. 20 second of music, then the advertisement, then another 20 seconds of music. It just keep’s repeating, and repeating, and repeating.

I don’t need an advertisement about how great blendtec blenders are. I’ve already purchased one. You already sold me on the idea of owning one. So stop trying to sell me one something I’ve already purchased.

The UX of phone customer support really blows.

Why is their always music when you are on hold? Why can’t the machine just record your number, and auto-call you back when the rep is available to speak with you?

Dude where’s my blender

I don’t mind being put on hold, but if your calling about your order status, you don’t really want to hear about all the great things “your” blender can do… You don’t want to receive emails about recipes that you can make with your blender. Honestly after spending a large amount of money on a home appliance you have not yet received, the only thing you really want to hear about is the status of your order.

If it’s delayed a few days, that's fine. If there on back-order… Ok. But radio silence is unnerving, they have my money, what incentive do they have to really give a shit now?



The customer rep was very friendly and gave me the information I wanted to hear.

Update 2/22/16

My blender is awesome.

The alternative to phone calls: Live Help

Live help/chat options like Olark are a fantastic alternative to calling in for help. Reasons why live help offers a better user experience for customers

  • You can do other things uninterrupted until a service person is available to respond to your query.
  • If your in an office, library, or other semi-public space with other people around, you are not disturbing people with your phone conversation.
  • You don’t have to hold the phone to your face or put your phone on speaker while you wait for support staff.
  • You don’t have to struggle to understand operators thick accents, and they don’t have to struggle to understand your thick accent.
  • It’s easier to keep a personal record of your correspondence with a company.
  • It’s more immediate than an email
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