…if you’re one of these, knock-it-the-fuck-off

A healthy rant is required for me to keep my sanity to tolerate the incessant amount of fucking know-it-all assholes I’ve been dealing with lately.

No, I’m definitely NOT one of these arrogant, puffed-up, chest-beating, blow-hards.


Because, I CAN be wrong.

I CAN make mistakes.

I CAN admit that.

I CAN take feedback from others.

I CAN accept others’ good ideas.

I CAN concede that I just don’t know some things, sometimes.

And, I CAN remove my head out of my own ass when necessary.

You see, I’m NOT a fucking know-it-all, and I definitely know that.

But, if…

…do you because there’s no one better to be

How often does your representative show up?

  • You know, that person who is merely a version of you… not the real you.
  • You know, the more politically-correct, diplomatic version of you who attempts to keep up with Jones’ and saves so much face that you’re virtually unrecognizeable.
  • You know, that watered-down version of you that has no edge, no point-of-view, no distinguishable differentiation.
  • You know, that version of you who is way too concerned about what others think of you.
  • You know, that version of you who doesn’t realize that others aren’t thinking of you much at all, because they’re…

…recognize the the maintenance of this mechanism

Sooooo often… sooooo unbelievably often… I hear some variation of the following statement while out training, teaching, or speaking:

“I already ‘know’ all of this stuff; it’s all just ‘common sense’…”

Really? Give me a break… It’s a BIG, ballsy statement if you really think about it.

Someone is basically saying: “There’s nothing you have to offer here that I’ve not already learned, been exposed to, or already mastered. Your entire life, life experience, and acquired education can offer me nothing new and useful to apply to my life because I ALREADY KNOW EVERYTHING.”

Wow! Read it again and SAY…

…the cunning of cussing

Cursing, cussing, swearing, profanity, vulgarity, course language, strong language, whatever you call it, being a potty mouth is often as controversial as it is colorful. But really, what’s the big deal? For some it IS a big deal; for others, not so much. For me and my crew, it’s a day in the life. But before going any further, a point of clarification:

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**Am I endorsing the constant use of cursing, cussing, and course language? Well, hell no of course… Like everything in life, there’s always the proverbial right “time and place for everything” right? The when and where are…

…when the plethora of pundits come out in droves

Oh how I love the days right before, and/or right after any quasi-big social or cultural happening occurs: i.e. political elections, high-profile trials, and significant sporting events for example. It’s during these times that many seemingly hidden geniuses come out in droves to tout their extreme education and vast acumen as expert political pundits, experienced legal scholars, and professional-level sports commentators.

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I mean, it’s really awe-inspiring to witness the non-partisan and in-depth evaluation of current political issues and their effects on unemployment, the current economic climate, higher education, healthcare reform, government spending, and national security, etc. It’s impressive to read…

…no, you don’t have to be one; & yes, there is a cure

You know who they are…

Those who make an exception not to be an asshole.

Those who derive pleasure by causing other people pain.

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Those who stir shit up just for kicks.

Those who COMPLAIN about everyone and everything, but do nothing to CHANGE anything.

Those who delusionally believe that they are always right, and the rest of us dumb asses are fucking clueless.

Those whose interpersonal communication skills are so shitty, it’s literally stunning to others who witness it.

Those whose intrapersonal communication skills are A) non-existent, or B) exist within a permanent state of denial producing a fantasy…

…the lost art of NOT being an asshole

I’m convinced that for many, dare I say MOST people, simple common courtesy is an extinct, and outdated concept. “Do this, do that, I need this, I want that, and I want it all right NOW!” Rarely does a “please, thank you, I appreciate that, I know you’re busy but… or, if there’s anything you need from me, etc.” ever come out of people’s mouths or appear in their emails or texts. They’re all just orders poorly disguised as requests.

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So many are in a hurry, inconsiderate, impatient, and too selfish and self-absorbed to consider the possiblity that a little…


talk(ing) shiFt™ >> choice words on change to chuck the addictions, vices, devices, distractions, or compulsions to choose to overcome & rise above. *Explicit*

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