Mobile Photography Bingo

I have chosen the first row (bird’s eye view / bear / Smile / Fashion / Strong lines) !

The first picture represents the Bird’s eye view of some black flowers I’ve never scene before, from this angle, you could believe this plant to be fake (the light actually emphasises the texture which doesn’t seam natural).
The second picture literally illustrates a bear and myself in front of it. I wasn’t able to open my eyes during the shooting because of the sun, that’s why Idecided to do this one in black and white. This also illustrates the contrats between the majestuous bear and I…
An efficient smile by a friend of mine because of the beautiful weather which is visible on the background.

All these clothes are french, I always try to export the french “savoir faire” in term of Fashion when I’m out of my country.

This last picture illustrates strong lines.To me this choice was an evidence, these strong lines are visible in the continuity between the road and the steps of the house (this effect is also underlined by the light reflection on the road and then on the steps).

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