An Open Letter To My CEO
talia jane

You are exactly where people with an English lit degree end up: nowhere. Didn’t you look into that before taking such a professionally useless and pretentious major?

I guess you also hadn’t heard about the high cost of living in the Bay Area before basing your low-end career around living in the most expensive metropolitan area in the United States, either. Couldn’t you have simply not taken the job if it didn’t meet your needs?

Perhaps you could have done some due diligence before taking such a job. But no, not you! By writing your slam piece about Yelp and Eat24, you sound just like every entitled person who sets out to try and destroy a business by writing an online “review”.

I am amazed at how you think people should feel sorry for you or even to send you money after you trashed the CEO of the company where you work. It’s not Yelp’s fault that you’re a spoiled little girl who thinks that the world owes her something. Anyone who gives you money is as clueless as you are.

You got exactly what you deserved. Now let’s see if you learn from it or if you continue to feel sorry for yourself and embarrass yourself this way. Have you no shame?

Or perhaps I should conclude my review of your blog the way Yelp contributors say it: One Star. ‪#‎fail‬!