Having just finished work on my latest project at IBM, we’ve been doing wrap-up retrospectives and lessons learned. A particular area of change for me has been project management. It’s something I didn’t have a lot of skills in when I started as a designer, and an area I have had to get better at. So I thought I’d share lessons learned on that topic here and some of my plans to do more.

I’ve read two articles which have stuck with me recently. One is the excellent Effective Technical Leadership by David Byttow. David looks at leadership from a…

Also why it’s important to get it right.

The Design Attempt

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The Result

“Innovation is no longer just about new technology per se. It is about new models of organisation. Design is no longer just about form anymore but is a method of thinking that can let you to see around corners. And the high tech breakthroughs that do count today are not about speed and performance but about collaboration, conversation and co-creation.”

Bruce Nussbaum

Many of the people and companies I talk to about Design are grappling with applying design at scale. They want to hire designers like crazy, and they are open to change, or as open as you can be…

or Part 1 of “How to do user-driven design with a billion dollars on the line”

It’s not so much that large enterprises are slow to react as it is they just have a lot on their mind. There is a lot going on in multi-billion dollar transnational corporations. The only way to really understand them is by looking for trends. It’s like history. It can be hard to work out quite what is important about today until you’re 5 years from now looking back. Over the last five years doing user experience design in large corporations the trend I see in almost every major industry is the ambition to differentiate through user experience.

Part of…

Tom Roach

Senior UX Designer, AI & Data, IBM Watson. Speaking for myself.

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