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Collections, Part II: A Curated and Browsable
katie zhu

Hi katie zhu

I’m liking the curated collections but I can’t help the feeling that I used to be able to surface a wider range of posts. Although I’m finding good content in the collections, the new interface feels just a tad restrictive.

In particular, I miss the explore screen on my iOS app with the quite a bit wider variety of different tags I could tap into at the top and the series of headings underneath, “5 minute reads”, “Top responses”, “Conversation starters” and so on that always had something noteworthy.

On the web, the featured / trending tags on the right hand side and the ability to time travel through the list of top posts served a similar purpose.

The collections are super cool and I’m genuinely enjoying looking at what comes up every morning but I kinda miss having a bit more choice of what I’m browsing (or the comforting illusion of it :P).

Thanks for reading :)


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