How to Buy A High-Quality Stand Up Workstation With Adjustable Height

For majority of the professionals, an average day at work includes sitting or standing for most part of the day. There is minimal functional movement which includes standing, hunching or reaching for things during the normal work hours.

Unfortunately, many organizations have poor layout and selection of office furniture which results in hampering the natural posture and movement of the body. Working for long hours in an uneasy posture could lead to several lifestyle related health issues including poor flexibility, back pain, eye strain and migraine among others.

It is imperative to have an ergonomically designed official set up for the benefit of the employees. It helps to keep the workforce healthy, efficient and happy at work. Prolonged sitting in the office has also made a huge proportion of the workforce obese, lethargic and low on stamina.

Sitting for too long causes pain and fatigue. This is the reason that nowadays many offices have switched to a mix of sitting and standing up working set up at offices. It allows the employees to stay active and work in a more healthier way. For a stand up set up, the best option is to have a stand up workstation with adjustable height.

Here are a few points you must consider to buy the right equipment.


Units with adjustable height come with two options; manual and electric. Electric unit is capable to adjust the height by the push of a switch and is extremely convenient. But it is more expensive than the mechanical one whose height can only be adjusted by human effort.

Consider buying the best electric adjustable height desk only when you are planning to put a lot of load on the desk. Also inquire about warranty on the motor of the desk.

Limit Of Adjustable Height

Consider the average height of the staff to buy a standing desk which can be adjusted as per every employee’s preference. Take into account the maximum and minimum adjustable height of the unit to make the right decision.

Maximum Load

Inquire about the maximum load the desk can take. For instance, if you need to put a monitor, keyboard, printer and some other essentials on the desk, then the combined load should be lesser than the maximum capacity of the desk to avoid collapse.

Easy To Move

Ensure that high-quality wheels are installed in the table for easy maneuverability from one place to another.

Always keep these essential points in mind to make an informed decision.

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