Life in the West and the East

Every place has its own cultural beauty and cultural bizarreness. I am here to point out a few differences from the cultural life of people in the west coast and east coast that I have experienced. This quite fairly would also give an insight about people themselves. Let me be precise here, these are differences between people and their lifestyles in California and New York.

Let me start from the easiest thing to point out — people of the west are, way, more flakier. In the east, if one doesn’t make it to a pre-committed meeting, you can bet there would be a good reason and the person would try his/her best to make things up. In the west, people would just randomly flake on you for no apparent reason and with no sense of regret. The next time they meet, things would just go on without any thought about why the previous meet didn’t happen.

Moving on the same lines, friendship is the next thing I would make a reference to. People in the west coast have a very weird sense of friendship. You will be amused at how people can pretend to be friends with even a person who they don’t like or care about. In the east coast, if someone doesn’t like someone’s company then he/she doesn’t hang out with them. No buttering of things, strictly.

Let’s compare a coffee shop across the coast and especially between the two major cities (San Francisco Bay Area and New York City). In SF, people go to a coffee shop get a coffee, sit down in a corner and enjoy their coffee while resting on the sofa or continue with a conversation with the person they came with. In NYC, and this is true for almost 95% of the cases, people go to a cafe order a coffee and wait for the barista to hand them the coffee cup and literally head off pacing out. It seems like they just got the baton from their fellow relay mate. Apparently they are always in a hurry.

Both the west and east are beautiful in their “own respects”. It so happens for some reason people fancy taking things to whole new level of hype on the west coast. Agreed, The Pacific coast drive is the one the most beautiful drives I have been to in the world, but so is driving through Garden State Parkway, especially through the darkness of the night. People in the west just can’t accept that things can be beautiful outside also.

People in the east seem to be as blunt as a hammer when telling you about something whereas on the west they would figuratively sugar coat it so much that even the nastiest of news can sound horrifyingly sweet. The preference for this one, totally depends on a personal choice. All I would say is, even elixir in excess can be obnoxious.

In the west, people are more outdoorsy and love to be more active and more athletic. Interestingly there more number of people in the west who would want to do something other than just sit at home over the weekend. Am not generalizing that all in the west or the east are like that. It’s a very vague extrapolation of the things that I have keenly observed.

Having lived my share of life on both the coasts of US and am quite certain that I would prefer the east over the west with a few modifications of things that I lived and loved from my life in the west. That’s totally a personal choice and as some wise man once said “to each his own”. There is no perfect world or perfect city, it all boils down to and depends on how far one is willing to stretch himself to explore and experience new cultures.