How inherent cultural qualities allowed Japan to emerge from the pandemic relatively unscathed.

Photo by Amos Bar-Zeev on Unsplash

The country I came back to after my year abroad was entirely different to the one I left.

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Sitting on a couch for an hour a week may have some surprising benefits for your writing.

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The reaction to the VP nominee shows how the world still cannot fathom identities that cross borders.

The United States Senate — Office of Senator Kamala Harris / Public domain

Dissecting an article that should have swiftly dropped off the radar reveals some truths about content creation

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We should never underestimate the power of representation

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Feeling sorry for yourself can be reframed as a powerful form of motivation

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How pay-later digital solutions such as Klarna are complicit in Boohoo’s horrific factory conditions.

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Thanks to our media, East Asians have become the face of the pandemic.

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This Is Us

I’m the only hafu in the onsen, and I get to decide what that means

A photo of the exterior of a Japanese onsen.
A photo of the exterior of a Japanese onsen.
Photo: Alessio Ferretti/Unsplash

Tom Matsuda

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