A need for principles in a world gone mad
Olof Schybergson

For someone who lists “insular and narrow-minded thinking” at the top of their “Don’t Believe In” list, you engage in quite a bit of insular and narrow-minding thinking.

There are always at least two sides to any issue. When one side constantly states that their side is the one virtuous side and berates the other as “backed by blatant distortions and lies,” well, there is no better example of “insular and narrow-minded thinking.”

You have clearly fallen into the “I am good, therefore all my ideas are good, therefore any who oppose my ideas are evil,” school of political debate. When you do that, you engage in the very cutting off of people that you claim is such a “flawed approach to business and life.”

I read the words “boldness and generosity” in your article. I can, however, find no example of the concepts there.

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