CASE — Copy and Steal Everything

Tom McCallum
Jul 14 · 2 min read

European folklore talks of magpies as birds that steal objects (including, particularly, shiny ones) to make their nests.

Someone with a “Magpie Intellect” tends to be known for having a lot of knowledge that they have acquired by voraciously learning from others. Some magpie intellects then synthesise what they have learned and make those ideas their own, as I wrote about in: “Synthesising ideas — who inspires you?”, using a definition of synthesising: “combining different aspects of your ideas and research and the ideas of others in order to produce new ideas”.

Now, to the acronym “CASE”, which stands for: “Copy and Steal Everything”

Picasso said (and Steve Jobs quoted him often): “‘Good artists copy; great artists steal”

Bringing the leadership qualities of being Hungry, Humble, Brave and Open to these phrases to define them for leaders:

  • Good leaders copy. They are open and humble to learn from others and utilise what works, not needing to have all the answers themselves
  • Great leaders steal. They are not only open and humble enough to learn from others, but brave and hungry enough to be compelled to make the ideas their own by building upon them, evolving them. Oh, and they also love it when others then “steal” their ideas, as they practice abundance.

Are you a magpie? Do you “CASE”?

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