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Jul 10 · 2 min read

Take a look at the right forearm of this swimmer. One word, written in marker pen:


This photo popped up this week as a Facebook memory for me from several years ago when this particular swimmer was at an international meet looking to make a time that would qualify them to go to and swim for a leading university.

In short, they wrote the word CLARITY on their arm to give the focus on what they were there at the meet for. On a one-week team trip overseas, everything came down to one four-minute swim.

That swimmer wanted that reminder of the absolute CLARITY they would need in order to succeed. This was their Context, their lens through which they viewed everything on that trip, at that swim meet.

When I work with individual clients, one of the most frequent “key learning” clients share at the end of each meeting with me is that it gave them CLARITY.

The same day I saw this Facebook memory I had a regular ninety-minute meeting with a client. As we began the meeting they told me they were really stuck on how to move forward with a business strategy. At the end of the meeting, they reflected that they now had CLARITY on the way forward.

Where might you benefit from more CLARITY? Who is helping you with that?

PS The swimmer made the qualifying time. Years later, they continue to be clear on their direction and focus in life.

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